Monday, October 22, 2012

Short and sweet... Get your info and vote.

You probably know where I stand so I am not even going to bother trying to convince anyone. I obviously hope you will come down on the same side of the issues as I do. But that is not the point today.

Let me start with this: Disagreement doesn't have to be hateful. Use whatever you base your values on to help you decide, and vote! Do not give up on the process. (If you are a Christian, it should be the Bible. If you are Jewish, the Torah. If you are a Muslim, the Koran.  And so on. If you are not religious in any way, I honestly do not know what your guide would be, and I WANT to know. PLEASE tell me what helps you navigate the big issues of life.)                                                                  

Look at the facts, figures and the results of each party's actions and decide. Forget about what each side says about each other. It's their job to say the other is wrong. I suggest you go look up each political platform. Look at both through the prism of whatever shapes your values and morals. And then decide not just what candidate to vote for. Decide what value system to vote for. Again, DO NOT BELIEVE EITHER PARTY'S perception or characterization of the other. Examine what they PROFESS to believe in and PLAN to do and decide if this Party or that Party achieves it's goals and lives up to it's ideals most of the time (NO GROUP OF HUMANS WILL EVER LIVE UP TO IT'S IDEALS COMPLETELY.) is that is the America you want to live in.

Remember, being hateful is no help in these divisive times we live in. But also remember, this a free country where we can disagree without being hateful. Please state your views without malice or getting personal so we can have a productive discussion.

Bottom line. Get your info and vote. I hope the links below are helpful. (Both Platforms in their entirety are below as well as few summarized comparisons and various comments from the candidates themselves are included.)