Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Two steps forward...three steps back.

You can help Tim and the rest of Team Giilson by purchasing from the Aaron Gayden Band. All proceeds from downloads and merchandise will be going to Team Gilson until further notice.Thanks for helping make a difference in their lives!

Team Gilson
Tim update: "Recently there have been small complications that have prevented Tim from leaving the hospital. I'm not going to go into detail so if you have questions please message me and I'll fill you in. But we appreciate all the support and wanted to give everyone an update. The short version is this: A fews weeks back Tim's kidney function declined and he had to go on dialysis. After three days of dialysis his kidney function improved. Woohoo! He was off dialysis for two weeks.

The other set back: The last two weeks Tim's legs have been retaining a lot of fluid and after given several diuretics, his legs are still retaining a lot of fluid. This weekend the doctors decided to try dialysis to get some fluid off and they took 6 liters in two days. Now they are waiting to see if they should do more but want to make sure they aren't over draining his body of the fluid. They are also worried that his body is leaking protein and that is a cause of the fluid retention.

Another complication: The day before transplant Tim was put on an ecmo machine to help save his life, during the process of getting on the ecmo Tim's legs were injured and have very deep wounds. The right side has been healing but the left has not. Since the vein is exposed the doctors want to go in and clean the wound and graph muscle and skin from another part of his body and create a "flap" of sorts to close the left side. The upside if it works is he'll be closer to full body healing. Downside is it may not work because of the fluid still in his legs. His surgery is scheduled for today and we are hoping for the best outcome! I will keep everyone updated as we know more."

Update: "Surgery called off today due to the anesthesiologist not willing to put Tim under because his has some fluid around his right lung. They want to do dialysis again to get fluid off and reschedule the surgery in a couple of days."

Please do what you can. All purchases at Aaron Gayden Band will support Tim and his family and you can also go to TEAM GILSON on Facebook and find out how to contribute directly! Thank you for helping support this wonderful family as they battle this!

Video of Team Gilson at work healing...

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