Friday, August 3, 2012

Tolerant much?

If you consider yourself a tolerant person, you should be outraged by what people are saying about this kid and his family. The video is not any where near as disrespectful to the president as the comments about the video are hateful. Whatever you think about the this kid and his family's values, what you think about the fact that they have him on youtube etc,  and what you think about the positions being espoused, you should be able to come up with less vulgar, violent and hateful ways to express your disdain and even hatred for what is being said in the video. There is freedom of speech in this country. So these people have the right to how they expressed their hate for this video and the ideas and values it presents. But if you have any bit of decency in you, you should be able to recognize that the way people have reacted is more than just a little over the top and is completely intolerant. Please note that while I did not and will not vote for the President, I was aware of the video and opted not to watch it until I saw this headline
"Liberals Call for Killing of 6 year old Conservative!" 

Watch the video. Think about the reasons as stated and hear the tone in which they are stated. You can be dismissive of any and/or all of the statements.

Here are his 10 reasons.
10. He takes money from people who work hard and he gives it to people who don't work at all.
9. He wants everybody to wait in a long line to see the doctor.
8. He thinks babies are a burden. Did you hear that, Levi? (Spoken to baby brother)
7. He wants to keep people on welfare and food stamps so they will vote for him.
6. He doesn't want Americans to drill for oil or mine for gold.
5. He lets bad guys into our country.
4. He wants to take guns away from good guys.
3. Mr. and Mrs. Obama are not proud of America, but I am.
2. Obama's bowing to leaders of other countries. Embarrassing.
1. And number one. Nobody knows where he came from.

 You can despise the parents for having their child do this in such a public forum. But do you really stand behind all of this? Please tell me if it warrants the type of bile that has been spewed about this kid and his family. Please, please tell me this is not what any of you mean by tolerance.

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