Saturday, August 31, 2013

Good evening! and this is how you have one! AGB Duo Style!

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Aaron Gayden/Krista White/Dinner and Jazz 

6-8PM THIS EVENING @ The Cafe Formerly Known As Frontside Cafe
660 Auburn/Folsom Rd Ste. 105 in Auburn

You have to eat anyway! 
So you might as well really enjoy yourself and have an early evening on the town! 
Great food + Great music=Great time! 

Come see Krista and me, eat lots of food and there you go! 
You didn't even have to think "What am I going to do for fun and food tonight?" 

Who could ask for anything more?

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Actually, YOU COULD! 
Let's pack The Cafe and so that we can bring 
Briana Lee, Steven Randal, Grant Reeves and Alvin Henry along next time! See you at 6!

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Blessings and thanks!!

Aaron Gayden

(530) 718-2421 cell

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