Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas from AGB and Karma Cafe!

Thanks to Jess and Jess FROM Karma Cafe and everyone that came TO Karma Cafe last night! Special props go to Stealth Propmaster J and the Mystical Magical CFG! AG would like to thank B (Steven Randal, Frank Scales, Mark Wheeler, Krista White ,Briana Lee, Alvin Henry, Larry Belton and Alexey Kochkin) for bringin' it in November/December!! 

Come see us each Friday night at 8 at Karma Cafe except December 28th when we have a very special guest! The aforementioned Bri Lee will be bringin it  with her own crew while I have myself a very Fedchenko Christmas! Do not miss her! Do not miss us the following week and beyond! DO come to Karma Cafe! And DO RECEIVE THE GIFT OF CHRISTMAS! 

PS If you are reading this the Mayans must have been wrong.. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY BLESSED AND FUNKY NEW YEAR FROM AGB!!! (Please be sure to LIKE Karma Cafe and Aaron Gayden Band and become a fan at

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