Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rock, rifle, words:

The gun control battle of our time is actually a moot point. Jim Crow was brought down by a campaign of non- violence. AND THAT WAS AWESOME! Slavery in America was brought down by the Civil War and that was an awesome end brought forth at a tremendous and horrible cost! But we could destroy every gun in America today and some criminal would find some way to enforce her will. I said "her" will in order to not be sexist. (Anyone male or female has the same opportunity to be make choices against society.) At that point, law abiding members of society would need to find a way to protect itself and either dissuade or over power her. Eventually, we would be having the exact same argument over whatever her and society utilized as a means of enforcement.

Here is the bottom line. MORALITY. As long as there is anyone who is willing to say "My needs, wants, desires etc. come first and I will do as I please." society either be at the mercy of such a person, or will protect itself from that person. The Bible is my guide to morality and fortunately I am sane. So you don't have to worry about me imposing my will on you. You barely have to even deal with my point of view at all. But that is a another topic altogether. I ultimately answer to God and that keeps me from imposing my will on you. Others may have their own beliefs that keep them from imposing their will and that is all well and good. But there are many people who have no code of ethics, no belief system, no moral compass, no sense of reason, no guilt, no sympathy or empathy, no love of others,no compassion, no fear of death and so on. When such a person is making a point to wreak havoc on the rest of us, I will be praying that someone nearby has the means,whether it be a rock, a rifle or words, to stop them QUICKLY and COMPLETELY. (Not necessarily their life but their actions.)

Until everyone is self-governed to the point where doing harm to another or taking something forcibly from another there will be a need for some form of external force to hinder some people. And unfortunately, it WILL be imperfect because even the "good" are imperfect.

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