Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What Do Conservatives REALLY Hate?

A friend of mine, who resides firmly across the political aisle from me, has brought something to my remembrance. Now I am not a fan of politicians on either side. I think both major parties have people that go in with the best of motives and get drunk on their new found power or caught in the gears of the machine. This is about the belief that conservatives intensely hate government handouts. This is not true.

My friend is a Democrat and a hard worker. I am a Republican and a hard worker. I have no doubt that there are times that people need help. I KNOW this is true.  But THIS is what conservatives hate. This is one of the two worst stories I have ever heard. This woman calls the Dennis Prager Show and tells her experience. She was pregnant with her fourth or fifth child and her husband had just left her. She goes on welfare for about a year and gets back on her feet. So she goes to the welfare office to opt out of the system. The worker says that she can stay in the program if she has another child. She says that she is not married. The person says that's ok. She can just go get pregnant and get more money. THAT is what conservatives hate. The system is a proponent of bad decision making and abuse of itself.

I am NOT a rich man. I play in 6 bands, work at my church, teach music at three schools and do other  musical and basic techie work to make ends meet. I barter what work I can. I support my church. I sponsor a child through Compassion International. Much of the work I do with my own band is for charity. I think it s very, very important to give something back.  God has been very good to me. People have been very gracious and generous to me. 

Ok, I will add a connected topic since we are talking about what conservatives really hate. I believe it is my responsibility to help whenever  I can. But there is validity to the adage "Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll eat forever." To that I add, "Give a man a fish he'll eat for a day. But make it almost impossible to get a fishing license and people will feel like it makes a lot more sense to just take the fish the government is handing out..." The fact that the government makes it so expensive to run a business is something conservatives hate. I was listening the Hugh Hewitt Show recently and the host asked his guest if the government helps his business. He laughed and said "Yes, and if you believe that I have a lovely bridge in Brooklyn I would to sell you!" He was then asked if he had ever tallied up what he pays in taxes. At this point he said  he hadn't because it would make it delibilitated with sickness for two weeks if he knew exactly how much the government takes. THAT is what conservatives hate. And by the way, this was not some rich white fat cat. This was an immigrant with a thick accent that still believes in what American is. A place to work hard and earn money and if you so desire, voluntarily give something back.

Thank you, my friend, for a chance to let you know what we REALLY HATE.

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