Thursday, January 15, 2015

Seven Answers For Seven Questions

In the way of preamble, I say only this. Go to this link or none of this will make any sense.
The Seven Questions of Manuel
Thanks to Manuel Luz for the  questions. Go and read Manuel at manuelluz.wordpress often and carefully.

Ok, so you're back.

1. I am comfortable with my voice but I'm not knocked out by it. I think and hope I'm an interesting, capable and creative singer.

2. If I was a visual artist, as a practical matter, I'd want to in a prestigious gallery because I would at least theoretically be a position to support my family with my art.

3. I greatly appreciate any positive feedback I get for the audience but I am very mindful of my peers because they travel the same or a similar road as I do. That does give peer respect a bit more weight.

4. King David, so many reasons why? He's a role model personally and professionally. Flawed as he was he was a man after God's own heart and a excellent musician and songwriter. I'm a huge fan on so many levels.

Sting, because what a palette. What a musical journey? And it has been a long term goal to lead Sting and Bonnie Raitt to Christ.

5. Generally artistic integrity for me has been just as important as commercial success. I am constantly trying to figure out how to attain the both. That's the very short answer...

6. What in the world do I do RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!
I have few regrets so it's hard to answer part II, but here goes. Get a team together that will allow you to do the parts that God created YOU specifically ASAP!!!!

7. I like the term Artist of Faith. It seems much more accurate and broad based than the other two. I'm not one for pigeon holing...

Bonus: This needs to be a year of reclamation and renovation on all three levels as last year was unbelievably... challenging and tumultuous. I very much believe I need a harvest this year and I am willing to receive from the Lord what that is supposed to look like and work like crazy to do my part. I would love it if the Lord would allow part of that to mean working with my family (extended as well) and creating opportunities for the artists I know, love and believe in.

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