Friday, April 3, 2015

Problem no problem?


Kenya Attack: Al Shabab Targets Christians at Garissa University College

Is it time to admit there may be some issues in Islam yet? Islam is the only religion with even a small percentage of their population committing wholesale slaughter around the globe and targeting everyone that has a different worldview. This stretch of time it's Christians in their crosshairs. It's ALWAYS the Jews. Many proclaim death to America and Israel. You don't even want to know what happens to gays for being gay and women for running afoul of Sharia law. This is current AND expanding. Of course, it's not all Muslims by any means. But there are considerable fewer if any Christians, Jews etc currently dedicated to commiting genocide. (Please let me know if I missed some other group religious or otherwise that is slaughtering people. In the name of their God or for any reason.) And they don't seem to be of a mind to stop or even pause to talk about it. I seriously think there might be something wrong going on in at least some small portion of the Islamic community. And that small portion is growing while whittling other populations down to size.

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