Monday, February 20, 2012

Cooking + eating=GOOD!

One thing I found out when my wife, Carol, had to leave town  for a family emergency was this It is possible to cook food (beyond just eggs) indoors. (Meaning without a grill.) This reminded me of something. Cooking is good because it leads to EATING...

So guys, let's man up and make a cookbook for Man Food! Man Food is not necessarily pretty but it tastes good. Man Food should only be consumed in reasonable quantities because the caloric WILL be extremely high. (Just kidding Carol! I actually AM trying to watch out for that. But I don't have it quite down yet...)

1st item of business: Safflower oil from SEPAY
SePay Groves

(Great olive oils, balsamic vinegars and more. They are healthy, very reasonably priced and just a bit DELICIOUS! If you ever find yourself in or near Fairfield, Ca. STOP IN! You will not be sorry!) Use healthier oil and you get Man points 'cause it still tastes great and get Hubby points 'cause it's not as bad for you. Don't use so much that you have left over oil and you will live long enough to enjoy the Hubby points you gain.

2nd order of Business: Montreal Steak Seasoning. It's not just for steak. Multi-spice flavor quick and easy.
Inline image 3

3rd and MOST IMPORTANT: Mae Plot Spicy Thai Chili Sauce
Inline image 2
It's not volcanic but it give you a nice little kick and UNBELIEVABLE  FLAVOR! ) I suspected and had it confirmed that they use it at TEX WASABI's) And, yes, you DO need to go there!  Mmmmmmm!)  It works on just about everything that need a little sweet heat.(Chicken, fish, pork. One of my faves is as just a little addition to ranch dressing on salad.)

4th: Flour:
Just a little bit of flour gives you just a little bit of coating on your chicken or other foods with or without faces. *(Vegan and vegetarian food can be VERY GOOD. I just never think of going out of the way to cook it. I am diabetic and I gots to have the protein and extra work looking for non meat protein is...extra work. (Sorry, Alyssa, but I WILL always try any veggie dish you recommend.) BTW, I just figured out that I am part Greek, because if you say you don't eat meat I may very well offer you lamb. Sorry it's just too ingrained...)

5th: Garlic It just works! Fresh, powdered, whatever. It's Saul Goode.)

So guys (and domestically challenged gals) if you are intimidated by the kitchen just remember this. If the amazing chef in your life ever has to leave town you may need some skills. Now you have some tools. And if you HAVE to GET to eat!

Don't forget to turn in your MAN FOOD RECIPES. I sent mine in last week.... More to come!


  1. You are a funny man Aaron Gayden.

    And yes, you did earn hubby points...

    Your amazing chef, (and wife)

  2. Thanks for dropping in! I miss you!!!!!! And since this is a public place I'll just leave it at that...


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