Monday, February 13, 2012

Tastes Like Chicken: To make great barbeque... start with a good smoothie

Chicken smoothies anyone? Whuck?!?!? Two of my best chicken dishes started very smoothie like. My epic Jerk Chicken prepared by Rob Pennington, was born like this... I was marinading it and asked my wife, Carol what was wrong with it. She took a whiff and said. "It smells like a smoothie." So I added some Batch 37, let it marinade a couple more hours and let Rob do the rest. He grilled it and reduced the leftover marinade to use as sauce and a star was born!

Even over my magical original recipe Mae Ploy Chicken and Eric Leary Yardbird Master piece, it was the belle of the ball! I hope I can recreate it someday.... It goes a little something like this. There approximately 30 ingredients so I hope I can remember...

Aaron's Epic Slow Burn Jerk Chicken
I will use the Man Measuring System:

Smoothie style:
Some coconut milk (Nancy, I WILL find an alternate. Any suggestions?)
Small can of mandarin orange slices
All spice, nutmeg, ginger, cloves
Molasses, apricot nectar, 2 bananas
This concludes the smoothie portion of our program.

Blend the above with:
Some olive oil or safflower oil etc
Some Montreal Steak Seasoning
garlic, onion, (minced or fresh), Jalepenos (does anybody know how to place a tilde over an "n". Yes, I knew it was called a "tilde". No, I can't figure out how to make one work.)
                                           *Note to parents: Have filters on when you search for "tilde"...
                                             But I digress.

1 flat of chicken. thighs, drumsticks, breasts, wings whatever.
But boneless always cooks quickest...

Place in some kind of dish, lasagna pan, cake pan? I don't know...
Pour smoothie into pan over the chicken cover and refridgerate over night

At noon of next day  ask your wife to smell it....
Find out that it does indeed smell like a smoothie.

Add Batch 37 hot sauce. (Hey, only 15 ingredients...) And why the adding of the Batch 37 the next day? Does it create the slow burn? I don't know, I'm NOT Alton Brown. I'm just a black man that like to grill! BTW, I WILL come to your house and grill and in virtually any weather.) Buzz and Shirley's Party Palace can vouch for that.

Wait for a few more hours and grill, baby, grill!
Reduce the leftover marinade.
Bring it to a roiling boil for.... (insert Man Time Measurement)
a while...
(Some suggest making a side batch of the marinade just for sauce...but I just can't waste ingredients without my soul hurting! So thanks, Rob, for turning me on to reducing the run off! Enjoy the slow burn.

As for my other smoothie chicken and Mae Ploy Chicken recipes...just keep coming back.

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