Tuesday, February 7, 2012

If you give good advise...please, listen to yourself! (Old school but still true)

(Forgive the time capsule but I just  found this in the archival ruins of a dead blog. But it still holds true ) Life can be tough, but you don't have to let it get you down. And if you find yourself sinking here's a thought...

I was helping Spencer, my 7(11 now) yr old son with his school work. I gave him a suggestion and he didn’t take it and he was frustrated. I said why didn’t you believe me and he said he didn’t know. We both know I wouldn’t lie to him so I was angry that he wouldn’t trust me. I walked away angrily and God said. " Why don’t you believe Me? We both know I don’t lie to you!"

But I’m thinking that’s different... God, just let’s me think about it for a bit...

Then Spencer asks for help with something else and is frustrated because it’s hard. I tell him not to concentrate on the fact that it’s hard but to concentrate on the fact that he CAN do it! I say that kind of thing to OTHER PEOPLE alot! But it really sucks when I have to tell myself! If you know about our last few years you know they’ve been hard. Crayl and I are both working multiple part-time jobs and trying to find more work so the ends can actually meet! I’m desperately praying that the way this happens is from music because that’s what I’m actually good at and at 39 (43), I REALLY don’t feel that starting as square one is that great a career maneuver. But at the other things I do, I do my best!  Personally, I think my best sucks in these other areas but I do give it my best and try to raise the level of my best to somewhere above...suck! (Still doing multiple things to put bread on the table  it's still tough. But I am a full-time musician in THIS economy and  I am very grateful. I am still trying to not suck)

Any, I hope that you can keep in mind the GOOD advise you give to others and use it on yourself... It will most likely be PAINFUL!! But it’s the right thing to do! And in the meantime I leave you with the words of the Reverend Fred Hammond.
"No matter what the day may bring to you, KEEP PRAISING GOD!!!"

(Another song that just came to mind here in the present, Don't Give Up by the Reverend...Peter Gabriel)

That’s my advise from Fred (and Peter) to me to you to ME to-day (again)!

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