Saturday, November 24, 2012

I-Kool Aid

It is now longer raining yet my Hughesnet and my mac do not appear to have any interest in working. Why am I not having a surprised feeling? Once again my mac friends, I am Spocked. And Sassy Starfish is also having a feeling of disapproval.. I AM NOT SAYING PC IS AWESOME AND PERFECT. I am not even saying I really believed the mac would do everything but my windows (PUN NOT INTENDED). I am saying I did expect more. I have never expected anything good from Hughesnet. So when things go cyber wrong in my world I try to make a point to blame Hughes.

But sometimes it really is the mac. It just kind of hurts you know. All my mac friends back in the day would always say. "Oh, your STILL on a PC?" And give me the look of "Oh, you poor thing." And granted it is the industry standard for music. The graphics are much better. I have had occasion to run programs side by side on both machines in the past. But when I was finally able to drink the Apple flavored Kool-Aid... I just didn't expect that there was such a thing as well it doesn't do that. It doesn't have enough RAM. You can't put more memory in it. I expected to be limited in PC land but this was not supposed to be the case in MAC WORLD!

Don't get me wrong. It looks great and when it does what I need it to do it's amazing. But for all those times I was looked down on by my Mac-Friends. Ya'll got some 'splaining to do... Yes, I am still down for the I Kool-Aid supplements. An Ipad, in particular could theoretically revolutionize how I work in gig mode... But enough already. I know what the Kool-Aid tastes like now and...well. Don't go around acting like the mac can do no wrong. It's just a machine. Admit it. Or hook a brotha' up with the cure for what ails him. I just want the Kool-Aid to quench my cyber thirst. I just want to be able to work. Is that so wrong?

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