Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My 90 Minute Plan For Peace

Up with Pixar: In these days of political porcupineyness we can all use a little pick me up. Ours Sunday was Up. As I said on Facebook while we watched, the first 11mins 37 secs contains the most touching love story in cinematic history.

The Incredibles is your typical super hero, family, interacial buddy, redemption odyssey. Monster's Inc, Finding Nemo et al each a masterpiece in it's own right. John Lassetter and company have dedication to story, character, creativity, detail and problem solving without equal.

And all that in a world that they have to create in it's entirety each time. And each film gives me GEEK TIME with my aspiring filmmaker son. The fact that they had to dial back how photoreal the water looked in Nemo.

Genius and dedication to craft. Up: Capturing the amazing natural beauty of the Tepui of Venezuela stunning, breathtaking.


They typically go on location to live and breathe the places they animate. So they can take us there. Toy Story 3: I found myself tearing up at the plight of TOYS? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! My guts hurt from laughing them they went and broke my heart! I love it!

In fact, I love them all! So, whether your side won or lost in this epic political battle maybe we can all just grab someone from across the aisle and sit down together with a 90 minute peace offering of one of these shared American treasures.

I WISH US ALL THE BEST.  In the words of a famous cousin from across the pond. We made up with the Brits and now share a "special relationship" and please forgive me if you don't believe in Him. I am just wishing you the best according to my beliefs. God bless us everyone. God bless America. All of America.

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