Saturday, November 17, 2012

Perchance to dream...

In the last 7 hours I have been playing for the Lakers. 
I have been hanging out with Sting. I have been. . . DREAMING?!?!, AW, MAN!!!!

Oh well. But this is good. If I have been dreaming I have been sleeping. And even though I have ways to combat insomnia at my disposal I don't use them.

Because SLEEP BORES ME! All I get out of it is physical and emotion rest most of the time. Not a fan. I don't like to sleep because usually nothing happens.

And I ALWAYS have something I need to be doing. I have a motto. "If I am awake I'm at work." Because my work is also my my hobby.
More music, more joy... But then there are those times when even I need to sleep. And I am so glad for the times when I wake up having known that I have dreamed...

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